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Compline Choir Pilgrimage Audio Postcard

As we begin to wrap up our second week of pilgrimage to Canterbury and Salisbury Cathedrals, we’d like to share some audio selections from Canterbury Cathedral during evensong services sung last week, including the Office of Compline as performed in the crypt:

Lamentations of Jeremiah by Peter Hallock; Page Smith, Cello

The Good Shepherd by Alice Parker

The Office of Compline – From Canterbury Cathedral Crypt

We continue to be grateful to Rebekah Gilmore and the Women’s Schola for beautifully performing the service in our absence – with many of us rising at 5:30 a.m. to listen! Please be sure to tune in again this Sunday (Aug. 25) to hear them once more.

The Compline Choir in Canterbury
The Compline Choir in Canterbury

Interview with Compline Director Jason Anderson on

An audio interview of Jason Anderson director of the Compline Choir for Classical KING FM 98.1, conducted by host Brad Eaton in October 2012, provides a brief discussion of the Compline service, the radio and web broadcast, its history, the church year, and its effect on the church of St. Mark’s, the wider Episcopal church, Seattle, and listening audience of Classical KING FM 98.1.