The Office of Compline for November 22, 2020

The Last Sunday after Pentecost: Christ the King

ORISON: The head that once was crowned with thorns (Tune: Saint Magnus) –Melody from Divine Companion, 1707; harm. William Henry Monk (1823-1889)

PSALM 95 – Plainsong, Tone IV.4

HYMN: Judge eternal, throned in splendor (Tune: Komm, o komm, du Geist) – Melody from Neu-vermehrtes und zu Ubung Christl. Gottseligkeit Meiningisches Gesangbuch, 1693

NUNC DIMITTIS – Plainsong, Tone VII.1

ANTHEM: Ave Rex noster – Giovanni Matteo Asola (c. 1524-1609)

Jason Anderson, director & reader • Joel Bevington, cantor

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