The Office of Compline for June 13, 2022

The First Sunday after Pentecost: Trinity Sunday

ORISON: O Trinity of blessed Light – Jeff Junkinsmith (b. 1956)

PSALM 113 – Jason A. Anderson (b. 1976)

HYMN: Holy God, we praise thy Name (Tune: GROSSER GOTT) – mel. from Katholisches Gesangbuch, 1686; harm. Charles Winfred Douglas (1867-1944), after Conrad Kocher (1786-1872); vs. 4 harm. Rejoice in the Lord, 1985

NUNC DIMITTIS – Plainsong, Tone VII; harm. Lodovico Grossi da Viadana (c. 1560-1627)

ANTHEM: Let us now laud and magnify with music – William Mundy (c. 1529-c. 1591)

Jason Anderson, director • Jeremy Matheis , reader • Ken Peterson, cantor

3 thoughts on “The Office of Compline for June 13, 2022

  1. Carol Peterson

    Hello, I’m Carol From St. Paul.

    I’m trying very hard to Live Stream Compline Services . . . tonight, I’m trying to view the Trinity Sunday service, and I cannot find the Service Leaflet – which I love to follow during the service. Can you help me?

    Thank you . . .

    Carol Peterson

  2. Layne Post author

    Hi Carol — We normally just post the main elements of the service in the descriptions here, but you can find the full service texts over on Compline Underground – It’s a separately maintained site for the moment, but they will eventually be merged together.

    The text there is usually posted by the afternoon *before* that evening’s Compline service. I hope this helps!

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