The Office of Compline for October 31, 2010

23rd Sunday after Pentecost
All Hallows Eve

Conductor: Jason Anderson
Reader: William Turnipseed
Cantor: Nathan Jensen

ORISON: “Holy is the true Light” (Sir William H. Harris [1883 – 1973])

PSALM: 149 (Peter Hallock)

HYMN: “Who are these like stars appearing” (tune: Zeuch mich, zeuch mich, melody from Geistreiches Gesang-buch [1698], harmonized by William Henry Monk [1823 – 1889])

NUNC DIMITTIS: (setting by William Byrd [ca. 1539/40 – 1623], Tone I Ending 8)

ANTHEM: “Laudem dicite Deo” (John Sheppard [ca. 1515 – 1559])

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