The Office of Compline for March 6, 2011

Last Sunday after the Epiphany

Conductor: Jason Anderson
Reader: William Turnipseed
Cantor: Thomas Adams

ORISON: “O wondrous type! O vision fair” (Aeterne Rex altissime, plainsong, Mode I)

PSALM: 99 (plainsong, Tone VII Ending 7) and 150 (Charles Villiers Stanford [1852 – 1924])

HYMN: “Christ upon the mountain peak” (tune: Ibis, Thomas Kuras (1950 – 1997), harmonized by Peter Hallock [b. 1924])

NUNC DIMITTIS: (setting by Lodovico Grossi da Viadana [ca. 1560 – 1627], Mode VII)

ANTHEM: “Resplenduit facies” (Tomás Luis de Victoria [1548 – 1611])


2 thoughts on “The Office of Compline for March 6, 2011

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  2. Belle Mears

    All I can say is that this music is so very beautiful – I am listening to it over and over.
    Thank you.

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