The Office of Compline for January 5, 2014

The Eve of the Epiphany

DIRECTOR: Jason Anderson
CANTOR: Thomas Adams
READER: Jeff Ricco

PROCESSION: Glory to God in the highest (Plainsong, adapt. Hallock)

PSALM 98 (Peter R. Hallock [b. 1924])

HYMN: What child is this? (Tune: Greensleeves; harm. Carols Old and New, 1871, alt.)

NUNC DIMITTIS: Double choir setting in E major by Charles Wood [1866-1926]


(1) Lux aurumque (Eric Whitacre [b. 1970])

(2) Ante luciferum genitus (Jacob Handl [1550-1591])

2 thoughts on “The Office of Compline for January 5, 2014

  1. Paul Sackett

    I’ve hit every “button” to be found and cannot listen to Compline. I get a message that “the video is corrupted”. Help.

  2. Layne Post author

    Hi Paul, sorry for the delay in responding. If you don’t see a small playback button at the bottom of the page (with a play button, volume control, etc.) or if you get an error when trying to play it, then there could be an incompatibility with your web browser.

    There should be two links on the page for “play in new window” and “download” as well. Download will grab the actual mp3 audio file and you can play it on your local computer.

    Sorry you’re having trouble.

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