The Office of Compline for February 16

The Sixth Sunday after the Epiphany

ORISON: Psalm 119, from Six Hymns to Doctor Watts (Alice Parker [b. 1925])

PSALM 119:1-16 (Plainsong, Tone II)

HYMN: O Christ, the Word Incarnate (Tune: Munich; adapt. and harm. Felix Mendelssohn [1809-1847])

NUNC DIMITTIS: (Plainsong, Tone I; harm. William Byrd [c. 1540-1623])

ANTHEM: I give you a new commandment (John Sheppard [c. 1515-1558])

Director: Jason Anderson
Reader: Joel Matter
Cantor: Jeremy Matheis

2 thoughts on “The Office of Compline for February 16

  1. Paujl Sackett

    I have attempted several times and every possible option each time to listen to the Compline service and get nowhere. Please help.
    Paul Sackett, Rochester, NY

  2. Layne Post author

    Hi Paul,

    I’ve replied to you via email in case you didn’t see my reply on one of our January podcasts. Are you able to click the “download” link? There may be a problem between our site and your web browser that’s not letting the audio play properly, and downloading the file would remove that problem.

    Please let me know if you still can’t listen.

    Thanks for your interest!

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