The Office of Compline for August 2, 2015 (Fixed Audio)

The Tenth Sunday after Pentecost

ORISON: “Blest Are the Pure In Heart” from Ten Orisons – Searle Wright (1918-2004)

PSALM 51 – Peter R. Hallock (1924-2014)
HYMN: Lord Jesus, Think On Me – sung to SOUTHWELL, from Damien’s Psalter, 1579
NUNC DIMITTIS: tone II ending 1 – verses in fauxbourden by John Holmes (c. 1600), adap. by Vernon Nicodemus
ANTHEM: “Miserere mei, Deus” from Cantiones Sacrae II of 1591 – William Byrd (ca. 1540-1623)
Jeremy Matheis, director • Thomas Adams, cantor • Joel Matter, reader
[edit]This episode contains the new fixed audio for this service.

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