The Office of Compline for May 1, 2016

May 1, 2016

The Sixth Sunday of Easter

ORISON: Lift your voice rejoicing, Mary (Tune: Fisk of Gloucester)** – Thomas Foster (b. 1938)

PSALM 67 – Plainsong, Tone VIII.1

HYMN: God himself is with us (Tune: Tysk) – from Psalm und Choralbuch, 1719

NUNC DIMITTIS: Plainsong, Tone VIII; harm. John Holmes (d. 1629)

ANTHEM: Regina caeli – Robert White (c. 1538-1574)


** Premiere of a setting arranged specifically for the Compline Choir by the composer.


Jason Anderson, director • William Turnipseed, reader • Thomas Adams, canto

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