The Office of Compline for May 3, 2020

The Fourth Sunday of Easter

ORISON: The King of love my shepherd is (Tune: Saint Columba)– Irish melody; harm. The Hymnal 1940 and Peter R. Hallock (1924-2014)

PSALM 23 – Plainsong setting, Tone VII.3

OFFICE HYMN: The Lamb’s high banquet called to share (Tune: Ad cenam Agni providi) – Plainsong, Mode VIII

NUNC DIMITTIS: Plainsong setting, Tone V.1

ANTHEM: Ad cenam Agni providi – Plainsong, Mode VIII; harm. Guillaume Dufay (c. 1397-1474), ed. Jason A. Anderson

Jason Anderson, director • Gregory Bloch, reader • Joel Bevington, cantor

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