The Office of Compline for June 26, 2011

2nd Sunday after Pentecost

Conductor: Jason Anderson
Reader: William Turnipseed
Cantor: Richard Greene

ORISON: Phos hilaron (“O gracious Light”) (Kevin Siegfried [b. 1969])

PSALMS: 134 & 4 (Peter Hallock [b. 1924])

HYMN: “Eternal Ruler of the ceaseless round” (melody and bass by Orlando Gibbons [1583 – 1625]; harmonized in Hymns for Church and School, 1964)

NUNC DIMITTIS: (anonymous setting adapted by Bernarr Rainbow [1914 – 1998], Tone IV))

ANTHEM: “Dilectus meus descendit” (from the “Canticum canticorum” by Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina [ca. 1525 – 1594])

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